HR by design®

Our goal ?
Put exceptional HR sites within the reach of all companies.

Why are we doing all this?

Economy of meaning and motivation

Don’t lie to each other! Today we are in an economy of meaning and motivation.

The aspirations of Talents often go beyond the realities of work. Whatever the profession, Talent people are spoiled for choice … And if they do not have it, it is because they have been misinformed.

This is why we put passions and individual projects at the heart of the digital HR experience to guide each person towards a Job that really suits them.

Exceptional and reliable HR sites

You, HR professionals, have better things to do than write specifications or wait with your fingers crossed for the success of a possible integration.

What you need are reliable sites that you want and can be proud of. In short, sites that do their part, that is to say attract, guide and qualify Talent.

For this, we spent more than a year with our partners, to offer innovative and customizable HR sites while eliminating technical questions. Take the test! Contact us , we will only talk to you about HR and Creation. Promise!

Customer Case

Repositioning an employer brand

In collaboration with the internal HR and digital teams, we contributed to repositioning the employer brand of TotalEnergies Power & Gas Belgium. This complete overhaul of the career site allowed us to work on a branding based on HRbyDesign®.

marque employeu

Our rule of 5




To simplify your choices, we have decided to lay bare our convictions through coherent and balanced concepts .

Whether they are HR sites or support services, we offer fully customizable concepts, designed to meet a specific need such as the recruitment of rare profiles, the promotion of know-how or employee engagement. .

However, we remain proud of our artistic and artisan roots and we will always be able to offer tailor-made solutions to your specific needs.



Gone are the days of showcase sites. To fulfill their mission within your team, modern HR sites must be technology concentrates!

We have chosen to push this logic to the maximum! Our sites are natively integrated into your HRMS and we meet the most stringent standards in terms of security, performance and mobile access.

We also went outside of the HR field to offer a truly unique experience to your candidates and employees.




Art, like HR, is a living matter . Our teams are on constant watch to create new designs and combine technological advances and current aesthetic trends.
And as we like to share, we keep you informed of our findings on a regular basis.

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Don’t take Talents for granted! The race for individual attention is fierce and there is no room for trivialities.

Whether it is to shine on social networks, to mobilize the rarest talents, to better target your sourcing or to “sell” a professional destination shunned by most, we support you to produce or acquire quality content .



Faithful to our principle of simplicity and transparency, we offer a range of perfectly integrated partner services and solutions to make your HR sites part of a global approach and support you in your digital transformation .


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