Resource Lab was built on a combination of skills around information, communication and the technologies associated with them, with people as the keystone of this building.
Over the past 9 years we have been keen to offer our clients a unique set of skills and have never hesitated to invest in developing them.
So training, monitoring and R&D are part of our daily lives today.

Our expertise is organized around 3 axes:


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Candidate & employee experience


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HR marketing
& communication



Candidate and employee experience

Well aware that communication around employment remains too vertical and focused on the employer’s desires, we have been conducting research for several years in order to offer an optimal experience to candidates and employees through the HR sites we propose.
This approach calls on a wide range of skills, particularly in terms of communication, design, ergonomics, technological choices, data analysis and editorial content.

We have also developed an innovative knowledge base to create sites that break away from the top-down approach, contrast with corporate HR communication and talk to people about what they really care about.

Thus, we can offer you a fresh look at what individuals want and show new things you can do to appeal without necessarily being aware of it.

HR communication and marketing

As with any strategy, everything starts with a good positioning. Based on your challenges, your strengths and your weaknesses, we will build a narrative, language elements and an offer adapted to each of your target audiences.
To achieve your objectives, we favour a pragmatic, transparent and independent approach. Depending on your priorities, we will clearly explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different available options. We also offer a range of complementary services to your HR website, such as the production of content and communication materials, search engine optimisation, talent intelligence or the development of your presence on social networks.

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Digital transformation

We love technology! And that is precisely why we always refused to conceive it in isolation, separately from its users, humans like you and us.
One of the biggest challenges of technology is indeed its adoption, which can only happen in good understanding. Our consultants bring together strong expertise in HR and organisational sciences as well as in technologies such as HRIS, artificial intelligence, programmatic and distributed computing.
After a study of your challenges, they will be able to model the desired changes, engage in dialogue to create a common vision and facilitate your decision-making.

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